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Mathematics at Whitefield School is an exciting and engaging subject that encourages critical and creative thinking skills across all key stages. Students thoroughly enjoy participating in class and whole year competitions, which include imaginative activities that vary from being a code breaker to a CSI to an entrepreneur.  All students are supported in expressing themselves mathematically as well as a cross-curricular context through active participation in individual and group tasks. Our emphasis is on developing young independent individuals who have the confidence to demonstrate their interpersonal skills in hand with their fluency in Mathematics.

Every year the Mathematics department is dedicated to taking a select group of year 11 students on a residential weekend. The aim is to explore a variety of strategies to enable them to succeed and fulfil their potential in their GCSE’s. This provides an exciting opportunity for students to team build, develop their interpersonal skills and boost their confidence as independent mathematicians.

Our students at A-level undertake a one to two year course that enables them to develop their love and curiosity for Mathematics at a higher level. Students participate in an enjoyable and rewarding journey studying the applications of Core Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. However, it’s not always sweating over textbooks as we are committed to taking learning out of the classroom. Previously our students have visited Universities to experience life beyond A-level, as well as visiting institutions that encourage mathematical minds to explore careers such as Engineering and Medicine.

We would like students to see Mathematics as a useful tool for their future lives and as a medium through which they can foster a love of learning, stimulate their curiosity, encourage independent thought, and delight in developing problem solving skills. Through this we can support them in living, learning, achieving and aspiring.

Mathematics department has twenty four laptops and students regularly use computers for investigative tasks and other ICT software whenever appropriate to support learning. It also has a well-resourced workshop, available every break-time for students, to gain additional support. There are teachers and students present at each session to offer you help.