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Busta Rhyme

Busta Rhyme

Posted on: 17/03/2017

Back in October 2016, students across years 7, 8 and 9 entered a national poetry competition called ‘Busta Rhyme’ by Young Writers.  The competition gave our students the opportunity to write a poem about something they felt passionately about and they looked at a range of lyric poems and poets for inspiration:

Lyrical poets express emotion through verse on all matter of subjects, from current affairs, religion and identity to love, loss and everything in-between. It's a chance to voice opinion, share a memory or dilemma, impart advice, or indulge in writing about something they adore.’

We sent off 144 entries across the three year groups. 115 students were successful and were selected for publication. The poetry book ‘Busta Rhyme – North West London’ has now been published and is available to browse in the Library. The book is 178 pages long with Whitefield students taking up 92 pages in the book, which is amazing. Well done to all students who took part and for those who were successful, it is an amazing achievement to have your work published at such a young age, congratulations!

- Ms Elie


Published poems



We should make the most of our education

Even though there is always temptation

Start revising instead of using your PlayStation


Therefore wisely spend your time,

Or your regrets will be as sour as a lime,

Listen to this Busta Rhyme.

Become an actor,

Become a doctor,

But don’t forget education is life.

Daniel Pawlak, 9F


Current Affairs                   

In this world,

We fear rejection,

We want attention,

We crave affection, and

Dream of perfection.

But what would happen

If everyone had attention,

Affection or perfection?

The world would be a mess.

But my question is, if everyone

Wants attention and perfection

Why don’t we treat Earth the same?

Why don’t they make a better place to live?


Livia Da Costa, 9A