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MiSST has begun!

MiSST has begun!

Posted on: 25/09/2017

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The brand new MiSST scheme at Whitefield School has begun for our Year 7 pupils! 
Before they were all able to take their brand new violins and violas home there was a lot of work to be done by our dedicated MiSST team - numbering, engraving and cataloguing the instruments, tuning up the strings and rosining the bows. Huge thanks to Carla and Chloe for all their hard work and support during this time.
We hope all students will be inspired by this incredible opportunity they have been given and discover a new and appreciated love for music and the violin.
To celebrate this exciting new chapter at Whitefield we took a class of Year 7's and their new violins out for a photoshoot!
"The Music in Secondary Schools Trust believe that young people’s lives can be transformed through classical music education. We offer free musical instruments, high quality teaching, and performance opportunities to over 3,700 students to improve their educational and social outcomes."
To read more about MiSST: http://www.misst.org.uk/
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