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Student Reaction To The 2015 GCE Results

Student Reaction To The 2015 GCE Results

Posted on: 13/08/2015

Results day 13th August 2015: Student quotes for AS and A2 (top students)




Shaun McEvoy “I’d like to thank all my subject teachers for helping me achieve my grades. They went above and beyond what they should have and im looking forward to my future now and having a career in the media industry”.



William Tuvey “I’m very happy about my results, it has been a tough year for me, especially with ICT but I managed to get there, and I will keep going!”



Abishek Upreti “I worked hard every day, staying after school to ensure all my work was done. I was initially scared of Physics as I heard it was very hard, but I am so happy now as I achieved an A grade for it. I chose subjects I was interested in and that I enjoyed which made me motivated to do well in them, especially Maths and Physics, and hope one day to have a career in Physics”.





Denis Kozlowski “6th form was very intense for me and I only achieved the grade I did for media through co-operation with the teacher. Without good teachers you will fail so it’s important to work with them, taking all the opportunities given to you. You also always have another chance and that is what motivates me to keep going and to do well”.





Fanni Latos “Teachers at Whitefield inspired me as they are so good at what they do. Just follow your dreams and you will succeed. I never thought I would do as well as I have!”





Alina Mocanu “6th form should be an enjoyable part of your life but it is extremely important to work hard and stay motivated to achieve the results you need”.




Matei Sacerdoteanu “I think I did as well as I could possibly be expected. Enjoy your time in the 6th form but it’s important to remember the end process: results day, and the importance of getting the grades you deserve!”

Salma Almazwagi “I am disappointed with my grades as I know I can do better. It has motivated me to push myself harder next year.”

Mareia Abed “Choose the subjects that you enjoy so that you can stay motivated. I know the areas I need to improve on next year following results day and I am determined to get the grades I deserve.”

Noormal Naderzai “Start early! I’m still disappointed with my results and want to do much better next year”.

Carlota Melissa Borba Barros “Staff have been extremely supportive throughout my time at Whitefield, especially when I first joined from Portugal as a new to English speaker. Students were also very friendly and supportive and helped me settle in quickly”.




Temitayo Afolabi “When I started A levels I had a lot of doubt in my ability, but with help from my teachers and the 6th form team they made me believe I could do it”.



Seth Crispulo “Pursue the career you want to do, don’t wait for the wakeup call as you will soon realise it’s too late, so you may as well start working now”.




Alexandra Robu Chiosa “6th form was great as I could study the subjects I enjoyed. Work experience in Year 12 also helped me further develop my love for Art”.






Yasemin Kemal “6th form was a challenge for me, but definitely a challenge worth taking. It helped me realise what I really wanted to do in the future and to learn the skills I needed to progress”.





Natasha Frutuoso “Work really hard and listen to the teachers and you will do well”.