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David Dein inspires Whitefield School

David Dein inspires Whitefield School

Posted on: 23/11/2015

"David Dein gave a great presentation when he came in last Tuesday. Coming from a man who has such high status in the world of football, it was very informative but also light hearted at the same time. As a Chelsea fan, I had to take a joke from him at the start of the presentation as he made fun comments about rivals such as us and Manchester United. Whilst it was at my expense, it was a very good thing to do as it relaxed the tone of the room, and made it even more informal, which given his level of power in the game and the fact he was presenting to us and had to hold our attention and enthusiasm was highly effective.

The main reason why the presentation was good was that it was so diverse. Most presentations on football are mainly about “What it takes to be a footballer” etc. Whilst he did touch on this, and given the quality of players he has worked with it was worthwhile for him to do so, the broadness of the areas in which he spoke about was the main success in my opinion. He spoke a little about his life, what it takes to be a footballer, but also technology in the game. This was a particular hit for me. Firstly, it was really interesting to discover just how much he had pioneered vanishing spray in English football, something which is now so commonplace in the Premier League.

The highlight however, was when he talked about wanting independent timekeeping as a new idea. When people talk about potential technology and initiatives in football, all you generally hear about is “action replays for referees”, “technology for offsides” etc, but the idea of independent timekeeping is rarely discussed. As a huge football supporter, I know the vast majority of arguments and reasons for various changes in our game both concerning technology and otherwise, but I didn’t even know or consider the argument of an independent timekeeper at a football match. When I did properly take it in, I realised in my opinion it actually makes lots of sense. With the pace of the modern game, referees have a near impossible job. Having to keep track of time in that cauldron of a football pitch with fans, managers and players baying for blood just adds unnecessary stress to their already difficult job. I now hugely support the idea of a separate official whose sole responsibility is to keep track of time, as it would both make the life of the man in the middle slightly easier, and also eradicate of mistakes in timekeeping costing teams victories, something which as become more prevalent in recent years. Thanks to Dein’s presentation, I have now been able to broaden my knowledge and understanding on a particular issue in the game, and really consider it whether I would agree with it or not. The fact that in this instance I agree 100% on Dein’s opinion makes it even more valuable.

Overall the presentation was fun, informative and brilliant. To be educated and informed by someone who has had such an influence at one of the world’s top football clubs was a huge privilege. The diversity of topics discussed, and the way in which they were presented was why this presentation was so good. My only disappointment was that in his technology section he missed out the most obvious case of a team being robbed by a lack of goal-line technology…Luis Garcia’s “goal” for Liverpool knocking us out of the Champions League in the Semi-Final!!"

- By Nathan Mann, Whitefield Sixth Form - 12C

David Dein and Head of Sixth Form, Fiona McCloskey Selfie