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Chairobics at Whitefield School

Chairobics at Whitefield School

Posted on: 13/01/2016

Join us at Whitefield School for our new fitness class 'Chairobics', starting Wednesday 10am-11am.

For more information please contact Ms Micun emi@whitefield.barnet.sch.uk or call 020 8455 4114 ext. 273

'Chairobics for everyone' is a course of 9 sessions delivered for local residents and open to anyone funded by FreeSport in Association with Coca Cola Zero ParkLives. What is chairobics? It is an innovative sit-down exercise class, a blend of low impact aerobic exercise and yogic stretches while seating down. Activities are easy to follow, with no previous knowledge or experience of chairobics needed. It is suitable for people that sit for most of their time, or have difficulties with usual physical activities offered in fitness centres. As with any change to your normal physical activity you may wish to consult this with your physician prior to start.