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Surgical Skills Workshop

Surgical Skills Workshop

Posted on: 22/02/2016

On the 3rd February 2016, Miss Anastasiou took six Year 12 Biology students to the Hunterian Museum in Holborn for a ‘Surgical Skills Workshop’ arranged by the Royal College of Surgeons.

Through a series of talks, the students were given valuable insight into the life of a medicine student at degree level. Dr Badran, a junior surgeon, delivered an interactive lecture focusing on a day in life of a surgeon; a talk which students will find difficult to forget! He also gave in depth advice on ways in which to study for A-Level right the way through to pursuing a career in surgery or medicine.

The afternoon was not for the faint of heart. Students worked in small groups with a specialist surgeon to try out several basic surgical techniques: they completed box-stitching, suturing and knot-tying. This was then followed by a session whereby students were given the opportunity to observe and analyse a selection of real-life (fairly gruesome) surgical videos; these included open heart surgery and a brain tumour removal! Overall, it was an inspiring, interesting and insightful day for our Year 12 students, albeit a slightly gory one.

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