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Lichen Hunting - Year 10 Lesson

Lichen Hunting - Year 10 Lesson

Posted on: 03/05/2016


On the 29th April, Year 10 students were learning about organisms that can live in extreme environments and changing environments. They also looked at how certain organisms can be indicators of pollution. One example we were investigating was lichen species. Lichen tend to grow on trees and walls and certain species can indicate high levels of air pollution. I set the Year 10s the task of identifying lichen species present on the trees near the front car-park of the school, using a booklet provided by the Field Studies Council. This area of grass is very near to Claremont road which is traffic-laden and we expected to see a variety of species, including ones that are resistant to sulfur dioxide pollution (from car fumes). The students identified the following species of lichen: Xanthoria parietina, Xanthoria polycarpa, Lecidella elaeochroma, Candelariella reflexa and Amandinea punctata. It was a lovely sunny day and the Year 10s thoroughly enjoyed being let loose outside!

Ms Anastasiou

Image Lichen Hunting