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Religious Studies

Religious Studies really does help us to Live, Learn, Aspire and Achieve! It is a very popular subject which enables  you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues everyone faces in life.  From year 7 through to 16+ we see how our beliefs influence the way we act, the way we treat others, and inform our hopes and expectations for life, death and beyond.

We seek to show that religion makes a very real and important difference around the world and in our community.  We have an impact into PSHE, Assemblies and the whole of the School timetable.

In Year 7 we explore and reflect on the nature and range of beliefs in the World, in the UK and in our own experience. Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all studied through festivals, holy books, places of worship, people of importance and spiritual events.   Moving into year 8 we say – “The only way is Ethics”! We investigate the environment, creation stories, War and Peace, as well as asking who speaks God’s words in today’s world. We reach high and we prepare for the popular GCSE course.

In our GCSE years we offer the new Edexcel RE course, a popular curriculum choice. From 2016 the course is delivered through three one hour lesson per week across two Academic Years, with home work tasks and guided private study.  In addition there are links to various RS related websites. There is a Revision class depending on pupil needs, Lunchtime clubs and after-school guidance will be available as well as providing pupils with Revision booklets and a wealth of on-line downloadable resources.  The course is completed through two external exams covering two religions.

In both sections we study Beliefs and ways people live the Religious Life. We also study

Exam 1: Religion & Ethics,“Marriage & the Family”, “Matters of Life & Death”

Exam 2: Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice: “Philosophy of Religion”, “Equality”

The two exams are 1 hour 45 minutes each. There is no coursework.

The following are examples of useful websites for students: We fully support pupils making use of these sites. Other sites are referred to in lessons.  Within London we are never far from a place of worship or cultural interest.  Our pupils are encouraged to show respect for all places and forms of religious worship, and we will invite faith leaders and practitioners to lessons from time to time. We have excellent multi-faith links within and beyond Barnet.