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Year 12 and 13 Student Profiles

Year 13 profiles

Julia Kalicka

Julia Kalicka aspires to gain the A levels required to progress onto university and complete a Law degree. She has secured B grades in AS level and aims to continue at university Julia is determined to work hard and put the effort in her studies to become a solicitor.

I am studying Geography, Sociology and Media and I enjoy Whitefield as you can get support from teachers whenever you need help. Also there are helpful resources that you need always available to you. Whitefield has given me many opportunities that have allowed me to explore different areas that might interest me for my career in the future.

Whitefield provides many opportunities for us to experience the life at work through networking with Access Aspirations.  We have been able to get inspirational opportunities to link with employers and businesses and gain experience in different areas of interest. It was independent regarding the student’s choice whether they would like to take part and attend and communication via email is direct from the organisers who provide detail of opportunities. I have found Access Aspirations to be an eye opener to large organisations and widen my career options. I have personally chosen to take part in attending The Houses of Parliament Channel 4 Studio and have met Prime Ministers such as Ed Miliband. This was a great experience as it is something new and it is rare to actually do this.  I have gained experience from this and it gives me benefit to put it in my personal statement. I have seen the culture of work in the Houses of Parliament Channel 4 Studio and this has also increased my confidence and knowledge.

The advice that I will give to the younger years is any opportunities that the schools give and you may think it will benefit you, don’t hesitate but take part because in the future it will count. Also, from my own experience, the time that you have in your hands, use it wisely and divide it between education and relaxing because in the future you will wish you have used the time you had more sensibly to benefit you.

Luke Heatlie

Luke Heatlie is an independent focussed and organised student at Whitefield. Luke has clear goals and is motivated towards a career in Business Computing. Luke has taken part in many opportunities in Whitefield including the Mayor’s Fund for London programme with ‘Access Aspirations’ where he has taken part in a work placement voluntarily to increase his personal development, employability skills and see different career options and routes into employment.  

I currently study Government & Politics, ICT and Sociology at A Level. I hope to go onto university and gain a degree in Business Computing, and also move on to a career within the Business industry. I like being at Whitefield School due the support in place for all students, which means I am never alone when planning on doing anything and the School always prepares you for your next steps, whether that be Sixth Form, College or University. The advice I would pass on to the younger years would be to always work hard as although you do not realise the significance of education at lower levels, it is the foundations to your whole future.

Piotr Chrzanowski

Piotr has an engaging personality and clear objectives to become a successful teacher. Piotr aims to join a Russel Group University to study Psychology and build a career in education. Piotr is a role model for younger students and sincerely appreciates the diverse culture and support given to students in Whitefield.

I study English, Psychology, and Religious Education. I hope to study Psychology at Queen Mary University with my career aim being to work as a Social Sciences teacher. The thing that I like the most about Whitefield is the diversity of it. All students always feel welcome and safe no matter what background they come from. My advice to younger students would be to take their studies seriously, as this is really crucial point in all students' lives.

Year 12

Lubna Kollenchery

Lubna Kollenchery has secured 3 grades A’s and 2 grades 7’s at GCSE and is thriving in AS levels studying Sociology, Financial Studies and Art. 

I have really enjoyed studying at Whitefield School because it has helped me improve my grades and skills from the start of Year 7. All the teachers have helped me in all the ways possible from teaching to suggesting improvements to providing extra resources that can help me personally. This has, thus, helped me achieve excellent GSCE results. I am enthusiastic about continuing at Whitefield to help me achieve my ambition of doing a Marketing degree within the fashion industry.

Jumaila Kalliyath

Jumaila Kalliyath is conscientiously working at AS level studies after a tremendous achievement at GCSE level with 4 grade A’s and 3 grades 7’s. Jumaila credits Whitefield school for the excellent in support and plentiful resources that have led her to success. Jumaila is ambitious for her future and determined to pursue a career in medicine.

Personally I have enjoyed studying at Whitefield, because of the supportive teachers and excellent facilities that the school provide us to improve our learning. I stayed in Whitfield from year 7, because of the stimulating environment and the outstanding results students get. I am currently studying a-level biology, chemistry and maths. I chose these subjects as they are the subject required to do medicine at university. I want to do medicine because it’s an intellectually stimulating career and I am very fascinated about how the human body functions.

Navid Asadi

Navid appreciates the support and motivation Whitefield has provided and has become a positive role model for many peers and younger students. Navid is studying Business, Media and Sociology and is working to have a well-paid secure job that will enable him to eventually fulfil his aspirations of setting and starting up his own business.

Whitefield is a very friendly and safe environment that helps and makes everyone pass and to achieve high goals and aspiration. I enjoy each day at Whitefield with supportive teachers and plenty of opportunities to learn new skills from placements, volunteering and work experience.

Maryam Neissi

Maryam Neissi values the support and inspiration she has received from Whitefield. She is passionate with offering her time as a prefect and role model in Whitefield school. Maryam is looking forward to an ambitious future ahead of her, having attained AAABBB at GCSE level she has continued to study A-Levels; Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. Maryam is enthusiastic to join university to study Biomedical Science as a route into medicine.

I have been studying at Whitefield school since year 7 and this has allowed me to develop mentally as a student, slowly achieving my full potential. I am proud to be here and feel that the diversity at Whitefield makes all new students and even current students feel welcomed at all times. Whitefield school has helped me become more confident and grasp opportunities that I may not have seen.

Jonathon Merino Galarza

Jonathon attributes his success at GCSE level and achieving 1A*, 1A and 9B’s to the way Whitefield School welcomes and supports students providing a nurturing educational environment. Jonathon has continued at A-level in Whitefield to study Physics, Product Design and Media Studies. Jonathon is keen to embark onto a degree at university that will lead him into his passion in engineering.

I would like to be an electrical engineer. This school has added me to come one step to my dream as it has amazing facilities and the teachers are very supportive. Furthermore I would like to go to Middlesex University. The people at Whitefield make it so welcoming and you fit in. You have amazing teachers that help you get the best out of you so you can go on and have an amazing future.

April Stringer

April is driven by her ambitions to reach her goal into a career of Biochemistry. She is determined, passionate and hard working. Having secured GCSE grades of 2A*s, 3A’s and 6B’s, she is now studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at AS level in Whitefield. April is complimentary of the guidance and opportunities she receives at Whitefield.

I am currently in the process of buffing up my application to Oxford with the help of my teachers. The sixth form team is a great help, they constantly offer work experience and voluntary work. They also provide expert advice on applying to universities and connect you with the best programmes/ courses.