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Jack Petchy

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

Run by the Jack Petchey charity, Whitefield students get a full day’s training in public-speaking skills, delivered by professionals. After writing and performing their own speeches, a winner and runner-up are chosen, and go on to represent Whitefield in the regional finals, performing alongside other school champions.




Othello at the Globe

The Globe Theatre is the birth place of Shakespearian performance and offers a unique and authentic experience of the magic of Shakespeare. The English department were lucky enough to take a wonderful group of A level students and a variety of GCSE English and Drama students to watch a brilliant performance of Othello. This is a text that they will study at A level, so this provided wonderful, 4 dimensional exposure to the author’s craft, intention and critical understanding.


Young Writers

Young Writers’ Competition

In the summer of June 2015, students across KS3 and KS4 took part in the Young Writer’s poetry competition: Poetopia. Poetopia is a mythical world, inspired by popular utopian/dystopian teen fiction such as ‘The Hunger Games’. Students had to write a poem based on one of the six factions; each faction had its own themes and rules. 203 entries were sent off and 165 of our students have been successful in having their poems selected for publication. This is an amazing achievement for our students; the English department couldn’t be prouder!  A complimentary copy will be sent to the school once it has been published and will feature as a special text in our school library. Well done to all the students who took part!


Princes Teaching Trust

The English department have been working with The Prince’s Teaching Trust;  their ethos is that ‘All children, whatever their background or ability, are entitled to be taught by passionate teachers who are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. We re-engage teachers with their specialist subjects, inspiring them to bring renewed enthusiasm into their classrooms and raise the aspirations of their pupils.’ As a result of all their hard work, they have been awarded a kite mark for the department/school demonstrating their commitment, effort and enthusiasm for the subject that they impart on the students’. The department will be working alongside the Princes Teaching Trust this academic year and hope to continue in many years to come.

English leaders

English Leaders

English Leaders is a mentoring scheme run by the department. We take the brightest year 11 students and train them in mentoring and questioning. We then buddy them up with year 7 students who need a reading boost. The scheme has proven exceptionally successful in developing reading skills, confidence and appreciation of reading.