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Experienced Teachers

Experienced Teachers

We offer you:

  • Personalised Professional Learning Package

  • Subject Support

  • Leadership Responsibilities

Personalised Professional Learning Packages

We have in-house training for colleagues at different levels in their careers. We have calendared programmes for all staff to attend; Safeguarding, Specific Teaching and Learning and pastoral workshops.

We also deliver the following courses which run throughout the year for teaching staff:

- Improving teaching

- Good to Great teaching

- Being a teaching and learning coach

- Aspiring leaders

- Developing leaders

Subject support

We have a team of advisers and associates who provide support and guidance for a range of subject and whole school priorities. These include changes to Curriculum and Assessment, BTEC support, Safeguarding, New Technologies.

In addition, there are consultants in literacy, numeracy and English as an additional language, who provide ongoing training within the school. We provide many opportunities for teachers to improve their own ICT (Information and Communications Technology) skills and their expertise in using information technology in the classroom.

We also have a staff library with a wealth of resources to support all aspects of teaching and learning.

Other Leadership responsibilities

There are also many opportunities for teachers who take subject and other middle leadership responsibilities to undergo training to support their work as subject leaders and middle leaders. We have strong links with the Prince's Teaching Institute to develop teachers’ pedagogy and share best practice.

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