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Advice On Coronavirus


Please report any confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 in your household via email at covidreporting@whitefield.barnet.sch.uk or via the Contact Us page, selecting "Report A Case Of Covid-19" as the recipient.

Covid Testing in Barnet

Barnet produce a weekly dashboard showing numbers of cases etc. This can be found here

Increasing Mobile Data Allowance

The UK Government has recently announced a scheme to allowing increasing of data allowances on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children with accessing online learning.  Please click here for additional information on this scheme.

Free School Meals Vouchers

If your child is eligigble for Free School Meals and you haven't redeemed your Free School Meal vouchers yet please check your email (and junk folder) for an email from Edenred. To redeem them you will need to follow the instructions in the email.  Further information is available here
If your financial circumstances have changed recently and you think you might be eligible to claim Free School Meal vouchers click here to check.
Click here to review our Draft Risk Assessment for the return to school in September