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Music in Secondary School Trust

Music in Secondary School Trust

Posted on: 24/07/2017

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We are delighted to announce that we have become a ‘Music in Secondary Schools Trust’ (MISST) School. As from September, all Year 7 students will receive fully funded peripatetic music tuition for three years. Every student will receive a free instrument  (viola or a violin) to take home and have opportunities to perform in national music concerts and events at prestigious London concert venues.  All this is funded by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Being part of MISST reflects the school’s commitment to the Arts in a time when Music, Drama and Dance are disappearing from many school timetables.

Why are we involved with MiSST?

* Development of musical skills (all students will learn to play at least one instrument)

* Better results for GCSE music (already 80%+!)

* Introduce a Whitefield orchestra and ensembles

* Support other academic studies

* Develop important personal skills, such as resilience, self confidence and team work

* Open up incredible life changing opportunities for our students

* To have some fun!

How does MiSST Work?

* Fully funded peripatetic music tuition for every student for three years

* Every student gets a free instrument (viola or a violin) to take home

* Builds on music tuition that many students will have experienced in Primary Schools

* Professional musicians work alongside music classes throughout Years 7, 8 and 9

* Three  hours of paid for peripatetic tuition per fortnight for three years (at no costs to parents)

* Concerts, ensembles, special events, residencies, G&T provision

Tickets to see us perform at the London Palladium on 23rd April here