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Increase in overall pass rates for students at Whitefield Sixth Form

Increase in overall pass rates for students at Whitefield Sixth Form

Posted on: 13/08/2015

Staff and students at Whitefield School are celebrating another successful year for AS level, A2 level and Vocational results.

A strong performance by students in Year 13 saw the percentage of A2 Level passes at grades A*-B remain high at 20.78% and an increase in the percentage of A2 Level pass grades, rising by 4% to an impressive 97.40%. Year 13 students are currently confirming their offers and accepting their places at Universities, with many being accepted into top Russell Group Universities due to their amazing achievements.

High-performing students who deserve a special mention at A2 level include: Temitayo Afolabi (A Sociology, B English, C History), Yasemin Kemal (A* Business Studies, A* ICT and B for Sociology), Fanni Latos (A* Music Technology, A* ICT and B Media Studies), Alina Mocanu (A* Maths, B Economics, C French), Zoe Rush (A* Sport, B Sociology, C Biology), Trayanka Stoilkova (A* Music Technology, C Maths and C Economics), Shaun McEvoy (C for Media, C Sociology, A Performing Arts AS, B Music Technology AS), Mooniere Abdul (A* Law and A* ICT), Beatriz Alcobia (B for Art and B Media Studies), Inas Hussien (A* ICT and A for Business Studies).

Results of the Year 12 students with AS levels are equally if not more impressive.  Abishek Upreti obtained three top grade A passes (in Economics, Maths, Physics) and a B Chemistry which will put him among the top achieving students in the UK.  Other students highlighted as some of the highest achievers include: Mareia Abed (A Media Studies, B English, B Sociology, C Persian), Salma Almazwagi (B Arabic, B Media Studies, C English), Meenas Badiudeen (A Art and B Media), Carlota Melissa Borba Barros (A Law, A Portuguese and B Spanish), Seth Ein Crispulo (C Maths and C Product Design), Natasha Frutuoso (C Media and C Spanish,), Noormal Naderzai (B Sociology, B Maths and C Chemistry), Jacob Reidy (A Art, B Media and C Product Design), Alexandra Robu Chiosa (A Art and A Media Studies), Matei Sacerdoteanu (B English, B Government and Politics, C History and C Psychology),

Special mention goes to the following students for overcoming adversity to achieve results they should be proud of: Batuhan Fidan a student who despite has limitations due to his physical disability has achieved impressive grades over his two years in the 6th form (A grades for both AS and A2 Turkish, B in ICT A2, E in Product Design A2); Houda Alijate a Year 12 student who has been in the UK for only three years and has worked hard to achieve outstanding grades (A for AS Italian and A Arabic and also A A2 Italian and A Arabic); Lacey Thomas who has struggled with personal adversity to achieve fantastic results (C for Business Studies, A ICT, C Media Studies), William Tuvey for overcoming personal adversity (A Music Technology and A* ICT).

Academic Subjects which have seen particularly impressive results this year at both AS and A2 include Art, Media Studies and Languages. For Vocational Subjects success continues with all subjects achieving a 100% pass rate, followed by an increase in the number of A/A* (Distinction*/Distinction) grades across a range of subjects. ICT Cambridge Nationals achieved particularly impressive results with 71% Distinction * (A) grades at AS level and 75% Distinction* (A*) at A2 level.

These fabulous results reflect the dedication of staff and students at Whitefield School plus the ongoing support of our supportive parents. We look forward to welcoming and preparing the next intake of students into our expanding Sixth Form who we know will have equally high aspirations and will go on to achieve excellent results once again next year!

Desrae Le Roux

Assistant Headteacher (Achievement)


Students: If you need to collect your GCE results please come to school on 20th August between 8.00am to 12.00pm.