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Ofsted Inspection December 2017

We are delighted that Ofsted inspectors rated Whitefield School officially a GOOD school with OUTSTANDING PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, BEHAVIOUR AND WELFARE

“School leaders, governors and staff have created a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where pupils thrive”

“The school’s motto, ‘live, learn, aspire, achieve’, permeates the life of the school”

Whitefield is one of only a few schools in the area to have undergone an inspection and to have achieved an outstanding grading in any of the five inspection categories, under the new much more challenging Ofsted Common Inspection Framework. This framework was introduced in September 2015 and has been updated frequently in the last two years.

The Inspectors were very complimentary about what is going on at the school, far more so than the language of this report reflects, but comments such as the following are particularly pleasing:

  • “Pupils are proud of their school and their diverse community. They are highly supportive of each other and celebrate differences, and pupils new to the school are quickly integrated”
  • “Pupils, irrespective of when they start at the school, are welcomed warmly and supported to make good progress from their starting points”
  • “The curriculum offers a range of appropriate academic and work-related courses to meet the diverse needs of pupils”
  • “….leaders are fully committed to providing opportunities for pupils to learn new skills and enjoy new experiences”
  • “Leaders are proud of the diverse pupil population and instigate opportunities to celebrate differences and encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development”
  • “Leaders work collaboratively and effectively with the local authority and other local schools to ensure that staff are well trained, share best practice and provide the best opportunities for their pupils”
  • “Leaders have prioritised ensuring that the very strong progress pupils make in subjects such as English is replicated across all subjects”
  • “Leaders carefully track the progress pupils make. They know that many pupils make very good progress from their starting points across a range of subjects”
  • “Governors are experienced professionals, with a good knowledge of current educational policy. They are proud of the school’s successes and the improved reputation the school now has in the local community. They are particularly proud of how open the school is to welcoming all pupils, irrespective of their experiences, backgrounds, ability or complex needs”
  • “Strong relationships between pupils and teachers ensure that there is regular dialogue about how pupils can improve their work”
  • “Pupils are committed to their work and enjoy learning. They work well together, are curious about what they are studying and keen to ask questions”
  • “Teachers have secure subject knowledge and use the school’s excellent resources well. Regular opportunities for them to share good practice ensures that there is ongoing dialogue about high-quality teaching”
  • “Staff from the English as an additional language department and those who support pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities provide detailed guidance to staff on how best to support particular pupils”
  • “The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding”
  • “Diversity at this harmonious school is celebrated and respected. As a result, pupils mix very well and they consistently show respect and tolerance towards each other, staff and visitors”
  • “Pupils understand that they should treasure each other’s differences”
  • “Pupils receive regular and impartial advice and guidance in preparation for the next stage of their education and training”
  • “Leaders are proud of the quality of food available for pupils and how effectively healthy lifestyles are encouraged”
  • “The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils’ conduct around the school and in lessons is of the highest standard. The atmosphere is calm and quiet across the large site. In lessons, pupils enthusiastically engage in the task at hand, working collaboratively with others and listening carefully to each other’s views”
  • “Staff show respect towards the pupils in their care and this is reciprocated. These positive relationships mean that in lessons, around the school site, and on trips and activities, pupils consistently demonstrate excellent behaviour”
  • “Pupils made very good progress in English and above the national average in mathematics”
  • “Pupils are encouraged to read for pleasure, and visits to the library and special reading events promote independent reading”
  • “Leaders provide a comprehensive range of 16 to 19 study programmes that meet the individual needs of students. A wide range of aspirational work experience, trips, visits and activities complement this”
  • “Sixth form students are highly motivated, work hard and are aspirational for their future employment”
  • “Leaders are proud of the achievements of their post-16 students. They promote their successes and destinations after leaving school around the school to inspire younger pupils”
  • “The sixth form is a calm, safe and purposeful learning environment. Students show high levels of respect and tolerance towards each other and staff. New students in the sixth form spoke of the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and how staff genuinely want them to achieve well and support them to do so”
  • “The sixth form benefits from being a small learning community where every student is known well”
  • “The headteacher, school leaders and governors are proud of the aspirational school they have created, where all pupils are welcome.”
  • “Leaders have cultivated an ethos where pupils feel genuinely supported by staff to achieve highly”

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