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Ms Beatty recieves an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List

Here at Whitefield we are very honoured and excited to announce that Ms Beatty, a Law and Politics teacher, who has worked IMG_4505here for over 40 years has received an MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours List.

Mary Angela Beatty, who prefers to go by the name Angela, gained her Certificate of Education in 1974, her Batchelor of Education in 1983 and her Master of Arts in Education in 1996. Angela began her career at Whitefield in the 1970's.

When she started at Whitefield, she worked to deliver business and office skills, often to the less academic and more challenging students. Ms Beatty always set very high standards and had a firm belief that everyone should have opportunities, whatever their backgrounds and home experiences.

In the early 90’s she worked alongside other colleagues in the Sixth Form and was the driver behind bringing Vocational Education (GNVQs) into the Sixth Form and allowing all, regardless of ability and need, access to post 16 Education. She further pushed this agenda by years of hard work arranging work experience and vocational opportunities for all Key Stage 4 and 5 students.

She really appreciated the chance to do more academic teaching when she took on teaching A Level Law.  Ms Beatty taught a student who had dyslexia who went on to study law at City University and got a 1st Class Degree, which she credits Ms Beatty for. For many students at Whitefield, they are the first generation of university students in their family, and Ms Beatty’s help is invaluable to make the applications and then to ensure students settle into university life.

Ms Beatty is extremely dedicated to Whitefield School and its students, often the first to arrive in school at 6am or earlier every day to support students and staff. Whether it is experienced colleagues or those new to the profession, Mrs Beatty always makes time to offer support and advice. One colleague said of her “From the 'old school' of teaching she has worked through the very many changes that have been thrust upon the education system and has remained a first class teacher and mentor to staff”. One NQT who Ms Beatty mentored last year said this of her support – “Angela is a role model to others. Both staff and students alike have nothing but praise for her. She will go above and beyond to help people and has personally given me so much guidance and support. She is someone you can always rely on and she takes her job and her role as a mentor very seriously”.

Ms Beatty has an exemplary relationship with students, always championing them to ensure they are successful. One student, left the Sixth Form this year with an A and two B’s at A Level, his passion for Government and Politics flourished because of Ms Beatty. Ms Beatty’s love for her subject ensures students have been on trips to The House of Commons, The Royal Courts of Justice and the Houses of Parliament, as well as subject based lectures all to ensure the students have another experience to support their studies.

Ms Beatty’s support goes beyond the classroom. There are many students who came to Whitefield as refugees, Angela used to feed and clothe them from her own pocket as well as get the sixth form to fund raise for them.

She has dealt with a huge number of Child Protection cases across her 40 plus years. Her tenacity and patience with families and Social Services and the police have literally ‘saved’ countless young people across the years. Countless number of students in her time became homeless – Ms Beatty would always help and fight local councils to find accommodation for them.

ABe 1980's PhotoShe is passionate about ensuring students are equipped for life, not just academic but also financial, emotional, physical and social.  Her dedication to skilling students up and ensuring they are aware of the law, mortgage applications, applying for loans and grants and pay day loans all relevant to the range of issues and vulnerable areas those students could be exposed to post education. 

Ms Beatty has spent considerable time building up links with outside agencies to ensure the students are exposed to a range of experiences and Whitefield has developed excellent links to Middlesex University, University of Hertfordshire, Gonville and Caius College Cambridge and Oxford University because of Ms Beatty’s work and the connections she establishes.

Also, every year to this day she runs the teachers 800 metres at Sports Day and would put everyone to shame with her energy. Everyone would cheer her on and she would wave as she went past the stands. She has boundless energy and works hard to maintain her personal fitness.

Ms Beatty has never worked with a view to her own career and how she might advance it - her driver has always been “I have a job to do and a moral responsibility to do it the very best of my ability. If one thing is not done correctly or if one student suffers or fails it is a failure on my part”.

Congratulations to Ms Beatty on this incredible achievement.


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