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The KS3 Geography curriculum covers a wide range of relevant and varied topics to engage our student’s love of Geography. The KS3 specification aims to give student the skills need to pursue Geography at GCSE and A Level. A new focus for 2015-2016 is the Geography of the UK. Year 8 students will explore the landscape, physical processes, cities and culture that make up the United Kingdom. Students study a range of topics throughout KS3; Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Population, Migration, Rivers, Coastal studies, Global warming, weather and tourism. As well as this they also study place specific studies e.g. Antarctica and Brazil.


Students are assessed at the end of each topic. The types of assessment vary so that different skills are developed. In year 7 students will write essays, use their design skills to create their ideal settlement, complete a decision making activity and develop their letter writing skills.

In year 8 students will complete a report on the changes in Micro-climate around the school, develop essay writing skills, design an eco-lodge as well as end of unit tests. The variety of tests aims to develop their geographical understanding as well as their literacy and numeracy.







The GCSE specification we follow at Whitefield is AQA A Geography.

This contains 3 units:

  • Unit 1: Physical Geography- 1 hour 30 minute exam- 37.5% of GCSE
  • Unit 2: Human Geography- 1 hour 30 minute exam- 37.5% of GCSE
  • Unit 3: Controlled assessment- 25% of GCSE- Complete under controlled conditions in school.


The students will cover 3 topics for each exam unit, 6 in total.

Unit 1: Restless Earth, Water on the Land and Coastal Zone

Unit 2: Population Change, The Development Gap and Tourism.

For KS4 Geography students have 2 specialist teachers; one for the Physical geography element of the topic, and one for the Human Geography unit.


We regularly assess our students understanding and progress using past exam papers and questions as well as past papers that have been purchased by a specialist educational company called zigzag. Students will receive written feedback every fortnight from each of their teachers. They will be assessed at the end of each topic, as well as completing mock exams in November and March. Additional revision tests will be given throughout the year so that students are aware of their attainment, and fully understand how they can improve.






Students follow the Edexcel Specification for GCE Geography.

AS Geography is made up of 2 units:


  • Unit 1: Global Challenges- 1 hour 30 minute exam- 60% of AS (30% of A2)
  • Unit 2: Geographical investigations- 1 hour 15 minute exam- 40% of AS Geography (20% of A2).

The A2 course is also made up of 2 units:


  • Unit 3- Contested Planet- 2 hours 30 minutes- 30% of A2.
  • Unit 4- Geographical research- 1 hour 30 minutes- 20% of A2.


For AS/A2 Geography students will have 2 specialist teachers; one for the Physical elements of the course and one for Human Geography.


Each teacher will provide students with regular past paper practice questions as well as fortnightly written feedback.


Students will use marks schemes, past papers, examiners reports and reports from the exam board to develop their understanding. Pre-public exams will be scheduled for November and March of both the AS and A2 year.