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"Why domestic violence victims don't leave"

Monday 10th October 2016 saw the inaugural meeting of Whitefield School’s TED Talks group for high ability pupils. All pupils arrived extremely curious to learn what our newest extra-curricular activity would be about but quickly relaxed and enthusiastically began to discuss the subject matter surrounding the first talk: Leslie Morgan Steiner’s “Why domestic violence victims don’t leave”. The jarring opening of the video instantly grabbed their attention and it was evident that all in attendance were captivated by what they were listening to as they straightened their postures and dropped their jaws. The provocative topic of the talk allowed for a vibrant discussion on the psychology of criminals and sociopaths, which was then followed by an exercise in Socratic dialogue. Selected pupils were asked to discuss the question “Secrets are never beneficial” while others critiqued their contribution to the developing conversation. Roles were subsequently reversed and the session ended with students looking forward to next week’s session on anecdotes!

Watch video: "Why domestic violence victims don't leave"

- Mr Patel, English Teacher