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Connection: Getting Personal / "Do schools kill creativty?

As we sought to delineate the ideal ingredients for an exemplary TED Talk, we entitled our second session “Connection: Getting Personal”. Our students began by recalling anecdotes from their own lives and the stories they told prompted us to both cry and laugh in equal measure. Certainly, the students’ excellent delivery of their narratives served as a harbinger for the florid conversation that ensued. Deliberately provocative statements such as “Coffee gives you cancer” were presented to the group and their task was to disprove them using an element of human connection, whether that was through a recounting of personal events, persuading someone with their sheer power of rhetoric or simply looking into someone’s eyes in order to convey their earnest belief in the inaccuracy of the claim. As a result of this activity, the students came to appreciate the need for appropriate doses of humour, poignancy and vulnerability, sans the overdone drolleries and mawkish sentiments which often detract from what could potentially be an excellent talk.

To this end, we ended the session with a viewing of Ken Robinson’s “Do schools kill creativity?”, a discussion that makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Watch video: "Do schools kill creativity?"

- Mr Patel, English Teacher