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Art, Design and Technology


"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist as we grow up."
Pablo Picasso

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Abraham Lincoln

Our vision for Art, Design and Technology at Whitefield
The ADT Faculty at Whitefield aims to encourage and enable our students to remain creative, curious and confident by keeping them connected to the world outside.  We hope our students enjoy a rich and personal learning journey which offers them opportunities to give physical shape and visual form to their interests, concerns, ideas and feelings.  Through this process students locate themselves as worthwhile young people whose individual qualities are valued and developed.

The Art, Design and Technology department reflects our creative industry where design is at the forefront. Whether our students design a product, design a meal or design a painting, textiles piece or building the formal elements such as line, shape form, texture, structure and pattern. These are all integral to all design and innovation.

At KS3 we offer Art & Design and Design & Technology  these practical subjects make up 6 lessons over 2 weeks. Students will then choose a pathway for GCSE which includes Textiles, Resistant materials, 3D design, Art and Design and Fine Art.

The creative industries accounts for 1.68 million jobs in the UK alone and we offer KS5 courses in both Product Design and Art and Design. This provides students with transferable skills such as innovation, creativity, lateral thinking skills and an ability to work with a sustained focus.

KS3 Art and Design
KS3 Design and Technology

GCSE Art and Design
GCSE Design and Technology

A-Level Art and Design
A-Level Design and Technology

Our Facilities:

The ADT department has 2 large purpose built art studios with a kiln, 2 design technology rooms with a 2D and two 3D printers and a textiles room . One of the ART studios is specifically for GCSE and 6th form students and there is a 6th form Art studio where students can create largescale pieces of artwork. We also have 3 technicians for each of these areas with specialist teachers in Art and Design, Textiles, 3D design and product design . There are 2 mac suites available for digital media.