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Media and Film Studies

Media and film studies are diverse and challenging subjects that require students to use both their creativity and critical thinking skills. As we are surrounded by the media in our everyday lives, we believe that it is vital children learn to interpret and understand the information they are constantly being exposed to.

With a 100% pass rate at both GCSE and A Level, the Media Department has had a number of successes in recent years with 95% A*-C in GCSE Film Studies, 79% A-C in Media Studies AS Level and 83% A*-C at A2. Students have had the opportunity to excel in their coursework productions by creating high quality pieces using professional software and equipment in the iMac Suites. They have also been able to experiment in special effects by utilising the department’s green room, providing them with industry standard experience for a number of creative careers available to them.


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The EDUQAS Film Studies GCSE will be delivered over two years and will develop students’ understanding of the popular art form and their ability to analyse its influence on today’s society. Film Studies will encourage an awareness of how film communicates ideas, attitudes and cultural beliefs, both now and in the past. Students will be given an introduction into filmmaking, the film industry and the impact films’ representations have on their audiences.


Students will also learn how to construct media products from the pre-production stage to conception using professional editing software and equipment.

70% Exam, 30% Coursework.

The course is structured into two parts, coursework and examined. The first half of the course assesses students through a 2-minute film opening, where they are responsible for all aspects of the production, including the scripting, casting, filming and editing of the project. In addition to this students are required to complete an in-depth evaluation of the production, applying theory to their creation. These two assessed tasks account for 30% of the qualification. There are also two examination papers which are worth the other 70% of the qualification. One focussing on Developments in US Cinema looking closely at Classic Hollywood Cinema and contemporary US Mainstream and Independent Cinema. The other examination paper focusses on the Narrative, Cultural context and Style of Global Cinema, where students will be required to study texts from the UK and other non-English speaking countries.






EDUQAS’ Film Studies course is a highly academic one that looks at how films communicate with their audiences and how meaning is made through the technical aspects while engaging with theories of spectatorship, narrative, genre and representation.

It is also an inherently creative subject that offers valuable experience in using professional filmmaking equipment and editing software, including Adobe Premier and Photoshop.

The course is constructed with 30% Coursework and 70% examinations. Across the two year course students will be tasked with writing a screenplay for a short film and then using the screenplay to create the short film. This coursework production will then be followed by two examinations at the end of Year 13 that will cover a range of topics and texts across a number of film forms across all periods of Film history.

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Students on a visit to the Warner Bros. Studios in Oxford to see The Making of Harry Potter

Link to A2 Media Grade A Teaser Trailer - https://youtu.be/K2x4vu93LdI

Link to AS Media Grade A Film Opening - https://youtu.be/xdq1_F-WXFA

Link to GCSE Film Studies Grade A Film Opening - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHFnk-96iHU