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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages department is composed of a skilled team of linguists determined to provide students with an exciting and enriching language learning experience.  We aim to empower students with strong a linguistic competence, enabling them to make language learning a life-long skill; fundamental in today's workforce and global markets.


At Whitefield students learn French and Spanish across KS3 to KS5, the lessons include strong cultural elements and the use of a wealth of authentic materials, enabling students to develop the four skills of listening; speaking, reading and writing.  In order to further support our students, we run a number of after school support as well as stimulating culture based clubs.

The students are given lots of opportunities to experience culture outside the classroom through short trips to French and Spanish restaurants, the cinema and the theatre; in conjunction with our popular annual residential trips to France and Spain.  Additionally, students can further practice their language skills with the French students from our French exchange school.

In recognition of Whitefield's rich linguistic heritage, students are encouraged to do a GCSE in their Community Language from Year 10.