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If you’ve ever questioned who you are and why you (and others) behave and think in the ways that you do, then Psychology will be a fascinating area of study.

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour.  During the course students will investigate a range of approaches that seek to explain our behaviour; from biological explanations through to social explanations. Psychological theories are based on scientific research, which requires students to think scientifically, so a background in science subjects is required. Subject areas covered range from explanations of obedience and conformity through to criminology and mental illness. Through this course of study, students will not only learn a lot about their own mind and behaviour, but will also develop their ability to think critically about some key issues in our society.

In addition to classroom lessons students have also been given the opportunity to visit Sigmund Freud’s house and museum in Hampstead and investigate his work and ideas. They have also been taken to A Level Psychology conferences. These opportunities helped to deepen students’ understanding of Psychology.