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If you have ever wondered why some people have more than others or why groups of people behave in certain ways, then Sociology will be a fascinating subject for you to study.

Sociology is the study of society. It is a fascinating and wide ranging subject that is of direct interest to students’ lives as it explores the social world in which they live. We will explore various areas of society from families, education and religion to crime and the mass media. We will investigate how they have changed over recent history, the reason for those changes and a range of views about how they impact our lives. It is a subject that will broaden each student’s view of the world around them and help them to develop a critical understanding of some of the key issues facing our society.

In addition to classroom lessons students have also been taken to visit Goldsmith’s University where they received lectures from University professors and took part in Sociology workshops with them. Such opportunities help to deepen students understanding of Sociology.