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Outstanding 2016 6th Form Results

Outstanding 2016 6th Form Results

Posted on: 18/08/2016

Staff and students at Whitefield School are celebrating yet another successful year for AS level, A2 level and Vocational results.

A strong performance by students in Year 13 (and some in Year 12) saw the percentage of A2 Level passes at grades A*-B increase from 21% to an impressive 40% and an increase in passes at A*-C from 57% to 69%. Our overall pass rate for A2 remains high at 95%. Year 13 students are currently confirming their offers and accepting their places at Universities, with many being accepted into top Russell Group Universities due to their amazing achievements.

High-performing students who deserve a special mention at A2 level include: Jacob Reidy (A – Art & Media Studies & C – Product Design), Alexandra Robu Chiosa (A - Art & Media Studies), Abishek Upreti (A – Maths & Physics, B – Chemistry), Florina Cretu (A* - Psychology, B – Biology), Meenas Badiudeen (A – Art & B Media Studies), Sandra Gunawardene (B – Biology, Chemistry, Maths), Natasha Frutuoso (Distinction * Applied Law and C – Sociology & Media Studies), Mareia Abed (B – English Language, Sociology, Media Studies and C – Persian), Matei Sacerdoteanu (B – English Language & Government and Politics, C – History), Yasmin Darbarbah (B – Sociology, C – English Language & Media Studies), Isabella Jakubiak (B – English Language & C – History), Seth Crispulo (B – Maths, C – Physics & Product Design), Noormal Naderzai (C – Chemistry, Maths, Sociology), Ameira Salmon (C – English Language, Sociology, Media Studies), Salma Almazwagi (B – Arabic & Media Studies, C – English Language) and Michel Headley (A – Extended Project & C – Sociology).

Results of our Year 12 students passing at AS level are just as impressive with the percentage of AS Level passes at grades A*-B increase from 19% to an impressive 45% and an increase in passes at A*-C from 35% to 67%. Again, special mentions must go to Artjoms Mitruskins (A – Russian, B – Medis Studies, C – History), Sarshar Darzi (A – Persian, C – Media Studies), Ali Hassan (A – Media Studies), Lydia Tutton (A – Geography), Ellie Reidy (A – Media Studies, Merit – Music and Performing Arts), Stephani Sy-Siong (A – Maths, B – Geography, C History) Chandresh Darbari (Distinction – Performing Arts, Merit – Music, C – Media Studies), Fatima Ozkan (B – Turkish, C – Media Studies), Ketlyn Costa Jose (B – Portuguese, C – Media Studies, Distiction* - ICT Cambridge Tech), Feriyal Suleiyman (Merit – Performing Arts, C – Media Studies, Distinction – ICT Cambridge Tech), Jericho Mag-Iba (B – Media Studies, C – Product Design, Distinction* - ICT Cambridge Tech), Khashayar Ebadian (B – Maths), Faysal Said (B – Maths), Cosmin – Mihai Petrea (B – Media Studies, Distinction* - ICT Cambridge Tech), Sharon Sanchez (B – Media Studies), Baraa Khodeer (B – Media Studies and Distinction* - ICT Cambridge Tech), Tamas Kun (C – Government and Politics and History), Abdihakim Ali (C – Maths), Osman Cabdulgadir (C – History), Houda Alijate (B – Maths), Dhilber Mohammed Parambath (B – Geography and Merit – Business), Nathan Mann (B – Media Studies and C – Government and Politics) and Sara Mehdi (B – Arabic and C – Maths)

Academic Subjects at A2 Level that achieved particularly good results this year include Biology, Physics, English, Maths, ICT Cambridge Technicals and Sociology. And at AS Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, ICT Cambridge Technicals and Media Studies.

In addition to these excellent results for our 6th form students a mention must be made to several of our Year10 and Year11 students who obtained A*/A grades in AS and A2 Community Languages. These include Mohammed Al Busmait (A* - A2 Arabic), Piotr Chrzanowski (A - AS Polish), Abir Hassan (A – A2 Arabic), Saghar Jahanbakhsh (A* - A2 Persian), Anousheh Saeidi Pour (A – A2 Persian) and Anastasiya Romanets (A – AS Russian).

These fabulous results reflect the dedication of staff and students at Whitefield School plus the ongoing support of our supportive parents. We look forward to welcoming and preparing the next intake of students into our expanding Sixth Form who we know will have equally high aspirations and will go on to achieve excellent results once again next year!