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Sport at Allianz Park

Sport at Allianz Park

Posted on: 06/10/2016

Thursday morning the girls from Year 7, 8 and 9 were lucky enough to use the athletics facilities at Allianz Park where famous school jumpOlympians Usain Bolt and Mo Farah have trained. The girls split up into teams with two other schools and played a competitive game of “catch the flag”. After a few tries the girls learnt to work with each other and came up with tactics to be able to capture the other team’s flag without being tagged. It was great to see the Year 9's give tips to the 7's on the best way to win! Next up the girls were taught how to do long jump and had several goes over varying distances to see who could jump the furthest distance.

A member of the local police came to speak to the girls about joining the Police Cadets and the advantages it has especially for those thinking about joining the police in the future. They were informed about cases involving “joint enterprise” whereby a person or persons involved in a crime as part of a group can be prosecuted even if they have not physically been involved in the criminal activity – their presence is enough to prosecute. Therefore students were warned of the dangers of being in part of a group or gang and to also be vigilant about to being approached by others and about being asked to hold or carry items for them.

Finally we ended the morning with a relay race where the girls imitated Usain Bolt in their sprinting efforts. Sadly no world records broken this time but a very good effort put in by all 15 girls. Thank you to the organisers…

- Ms Morphew