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British Library Trip

British Library Trip

Posted on: 24/02/2017

A group of seven A-level English students visited the British Museum for two workshops on language.
The first workshop traced the influences of other languages in forming Modern English, with the students going into the Library's collection to find evidence from old manuscripts. As well as looking at the original Beowulf script (the oldest surviving English poem), some got to look at John Lennon's lyrics and letters from the 1960's.
After lunch, a second workshop looked at 'regionality'. Variations on words were traced across the UK, and the students looked at accents and how they are perceived among different groups.
The students were totally absorbed in the workshop content, laughed at the amusing accents, and learnt little-known facts about the origins of English. They got a brief insight into the wider work of the British Library, and came away from the excellent workshops with a more rounded appreciation for the subject.
Many thanks to the team at the British Library for presenting such fascinating material, led by two charismatic linguistic experts.
Whitefield looks forward to future trips to the Library.
Mr Obstfeld
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