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Theatrics at Whitefield

Theatrics at Whitefield

Posted on: 26/06/2017

Splat Theatre Event

On Wednesday 21st June Splat Theatre company came to Whitefield to perform their two fantastic productions: Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. Midsummer Night's Dream had a packed audience consisting of the whole of Year 7 and the three GCSE Drama Classes. The audience laughed and participated in the fun, energetic and interactive show. Macbeth was an equally excellent show and the GCSE students were very inspired by the use of music and stage combat.

The GCSE students also took part in some wonderful workshops lead by the actors of the shows. They practiced different performance skills and brought a section of the play to life. It was a wonderful event.


GCSE drama students also visited the National Youth Theatre on Wednesday 21st June. They watched a wonderful performance of DNA. The production included imaginative use of torches to light the stage and excellent acting skills as the cast performed on a Arena style stage. The students were fantastically behaved and will now be ready to talk about the play DNA in detail for their unit 3 exam.