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GCSE Results, August 2018

GCSE Results, August 2018

Posted on: 24/08/2018

GCSE Results, August 2018

Students at Whitefield School are celebrating some outstanding GCSE examination successes yet again this year. These successes range from students who have been awarded the very top academic passes in every subject they studied (putting these Whitefield students amongst the highest achieving students in the country); to students who have passed every examination they sat, despite some having only recently joined the school from overseas and whose first language is not English; and students who have made such amazing progress from very low academic starting points as well as students who have had to overcome real personal struggles to get the results they have achieved. We are proud of each and every one of them!

There are some outstanding performances across a range of subjects including Biology (96% 9-4), Chemistry (96% 9-4), Physics (96% 9-4), Geography (75% 9-4), History (59% 9-4), GCSE PE (87% 9-4). In addition to the many subjects with very high pass rates, the number of top grade passes continues to increase (French 100% 9-7), Spanish (78% 9-7), GCSE IT (63% A*/A/B), Film Studies (84% A*/A/B). This year the school has seen almost a quarter of all GCSE passes being awarded the very highest grades (9-7 or A*/A/B).

What is also pleasing is the very high pass rate in all vocational subjects, including subjects such as Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Health & Social Care, Dance and Finance. In fact, not one Year 11 student is leaving the school this year without having secured their qualifications.

The flexibility offered for all students at Whitefield to study for a qualification for an extra GCSE and even A Level subjects in their home language is a unique strength of the school with 100% of students achieving the top A*/A/B grades in Community Languages GCSE examinations. A number of Year 11 students have also achieved A*, A or B passes in a Community Language A Level this year.

The innovative Key Stage 4 curriculum at Whitefield allows students to take some optional GCSE qualifications early in Years 9 and 10. Results for these early entries have been really pleasing, with many students getting straight grade 9/A*/A grade passes, one or even two years early. Getting these GCSE passes in Years 9 and 10 allows our students to focus on fewer subjects in Year 11 and thus reduces the considerable stress of the examination series.

This year’s GCSE exam successes build on the outstanding A Level results published last week. All these results offer a strong base for students to embark on their next steps, whether it is into further education, training or employment.

Headteacher, Elizabeth Rymer said “I am so proud of all our students this year. Students and staff have faced really tough challenges with the new more demanding examination specifications. I am delighted that the continued hard work has paid off with some amazing examination results. I know that the staff and Governors of the school will want to say a massive ‘congratulations’ to all students on their results and join with me in wishing our Year 11 students the best of luck with their next steps within education whether it be at Whitefield Sixth Form, other colleges or abroad. These results would not have been possible without the dedication and skill of the amazing team of staff at the school. I am also very fortunate that we have such caring and supportive parents, who I’m sure have felt the increased pressure alongside their children this year. Once again the results our younger students have obtained in taking their examinations one or even two years early have been stunningly successful and we have yet another set of amazing results in community languages. Following our very positive Ofsted Report and the improvements in AS and A level results published last week, these GCSE results set the school up for a successful start to the new academic year.”

More details of individual students’ successes, whole school totals and more subject successes will be posted on the website as soon as the final figures and re-marks are confirmed.

For further information about Whitefield School, please contact Colette Brohan, Headteacher’s PA, on cbo@whitefield.barnet.sch.uk