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Maths4Girls visit 20/01/2020

Maths4Girls visit 20/01/2020

Posted on: 21/01/2020

On Monday 20th January 'Maths4Girls' visitors came to Whitefield School to meet and talk to some of the brightest female mathematicians in year 8,9 and 10. 

Maths4Girls, in partnership with US charity 100 Women In Finance is an organization that seeks to inspire and encourage girls, aged 11-14, to take maths beyond GCSE and even the gender playing field at A-levels and university. 
Katie Blainey, Publishing Director, of RS Assessment from Hodder Education spoke to the girls about how an A level in maths had helped her in her role as it taught her key problem solving and analytical skills that she has had to draw on throughout her successful  publishing career. She spoke about how publishing had evolved and about the amount of research and strategy required by publishers today in analysing and using statistical data to ensure the company's products are successful and profitable.
Prof Dr Caroline Wiertz, Professor of Digital Marketing at Cass Business School, University of London shared experiences with the girls on how multimedia corporate industries collate and utilise data, drawing on  mathematics to understand the behaviour of users with the engagement of products and news. She gave an example of Ella Bean – a blog 'Dog Influencer' who had received $15,000 per a post and how 'mathematical regression analysis' , a topic taught as part of the A level maths curriculum, was used as a tool to create an understanding of likes, dislikes and engagement of users with posts to understand people's behaviours. Prof Weietz also shared some insight how headlines stories were displayed using mathematical algorithms to match complementing news stories in the industry citing a recent example involving the Dutch airline KLM and the Huffington Post, an American news and opinion website and blog.
The girls were able to ask lots of very interesting questions to both speakers and by the end of the session the girls left with a better understanding of how much lends itself to a wide range of exciting careers pathways.