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'Sixty' The Musical

'Sixty' The Musical

Posted on: 10/02/2015

Whitefield School is celebrating it’s 60th birthday in 2015! Students and staff are commemorating this milestone with a custom-made musical, appropriately entitled ‘Sixty’, which celebrates the past 60 years and the journey of Whitefield School throughout the decades. 

The entire production has been written and produced by Whitefield staff, with popular music of the past sixty years serving as the soundtrack for the show. Performance dates are the 10th and 11th of February, starting at 7pm in the Acorn Theatre at Whitefield School.

‘Sixty’ tells the story of Betty, a student at Whitefield when it first opens in the mid-fifties, and her life afterwards. Her life comes full circle when she returns to Whitefield School as a teacher. We see major news and cultural events through Betty’s eyes over the sixty years since 1955.

In addition to Whitefield’s sixtieth birthday, BBC News is celebrating sixty years of existence, which is commemorated in the homespun production through cross cutting of staged BBC news reports, real footage and pre-recorded footage of major events over the last 60 years.