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Whitefield School and Ms Rymer awarded PTI Stamp

Whitefield School and Ms Rymer awarded PTI Stamp

Posted on: 18/03/2015


Whitefield School and its Headteacher, Elizabeth Rymer have been awarded The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) Schools Leadership Mark for the second year running.

The PTI is an independent educational charity created by the Prince of Wales.  The PTI believes that all children, irrespective of background or ability, deserve a rich subject-based experience at school - both within and beyond the examination curriculum. 

Whitefield started working with the PTI in 2012 and decided to undertake an action research project based on developing effective Leadership at all levels. The project was awarded the Leadership Mark in 2013/14 and we are delighted to announce that the school has just received validation for the second year of the project for 2014/15.

Whitefield fully supports the aims of the PTI. The PTI believe that young people's opportunities in life are maximised by having inspiring teachers, who are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects.  The PTI allows teachers to rediscover their love of their subject through various activities and, by bringing passionate teachers together, encourages school departments to make rigorous curriculum choices, promote teaching beyond the test, and enables schools to forge links with other like-minded schools and academic institutions.  To win the award, Whitefield has undertaken an action-based research project that will be of benefit to all participating schools.

The PTI runs Summer Schools (linked to many of the top Universities across the country) and a programme of training opportunities for teachers across the year. These training events are designed to bring teachers together with the country’s most eminent academics, writers, and policy-makers in an inspirational forum for discussion of fundamental questions about their subjects:  why they are important, what should be taught, and how best to do so.  Reconnecting with their academic roots, teachers have described these Summer Schools and training days as ‘inspirational’ and ‘life-enhancing’.

So far, Elizabeth Rymer, Headteacher, has contributed to the Headteachers residential,  Rosemarie Little, Assistant Headteacher  has led on the Leadership Action Research Project,  a range of staff have attended the Music, English, History and MFL  Summer Schools  and a number of newly qualified teachers have attended a course of subject specific training days held every Saturday for ten weeks.

The Prince’s Teaching Institute is supported by the very generous sponsorship provided by The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation and a number of other individuals and companies from the world of education and business.  

Chris Pope, Co-Director, PTI said: “The Leadership Programme’s aim is not just to encourage high-level discussion and debate about how success is achieved and maintained in schools but also to start accumulating a solid mass of research-based evidence which will help other schools to develop leadership strategies that promote effective teaching. We are delighted to be awarding the Marks to so many well-deserving schools and their heads.”

In the fourth year of the programme, only 56 schools across the UK have been awarded the PTI Schools Leadership Programme Mark.

For the complete list of the schools, see www.princesteachinginstitute.org.uk