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Young Writers' Competition

Young Writers' Competition

Posted on: 19/10/2015

In the summer of June 2015, students across KS3 and KS4 took part in the Young Writer’s poetry competition: Poetopia. Poetopia is a mythical world, inspired by popular utopian/dystopian teen fiction such as ‘The Hunger Games’. Students had to write a poem based on one of the six factions; each faction had its own themes and rules. 203 entries were sent off and 165 of our students have been successful in having their poems selected for publication. This is an amazing achievement for our students; the English department couldn’t be prouder!  A complimentary copy will be sent to the school once it has been published and will feature as a special text in our school library. Well done to all the students who took part!


Here are some examples of the poems selected for publication


The Things I Enjoy by Jordan Boyles – 10A

My name is Jordan, I like to dance

I have always had a passion for dance

I also like to write

I love my Caribbean food


My middle name is Holly

When I was eight I like to play with dollies

But now I’m fourteen, I feel as if

I’m too old to play with dollies.


But in my eyes I see

That  is a good thing

As I am  growing up

Ain’t a baby.


Money by Suada Ali Ahmed – 9D

You’re always talking about money

Wishing you have more

You’re funny

But you never realise it

Because you’re always talking about money.

Money brings you sadness

But love brings you happiness



A Poem About Me by Kayleigh Paice – 8C

I am as a certain as can be.

I wonder what I’m yet to learn about me.

I do know I’m not the person I will be tomorrow,

Nor the me from the past

I am here at the moment that’s all I can be

And that’s all I can say about me.


Falling by Sahra Omar – 8A

I am falling

Swimming through a sea of people

I can’t breathe

How long is a second when it contains a though

Just waiting for something to clasp

Head and should made of lead

Dragging me down

My final thought

It’s time for class…             



Haiku by Tobias Garrett – 9D

Poems are special,

They can be long or quite short,

There are many kinds, too.


Chicken by Khadijah Suleiman – 9D

Starts off as a an eggdancing-cartoon-chicken

Hatches as a chicken

Grows to become a chicken

I feel bad they have to die

But, it’s fine since they are fried.

Put some sauce and some veg

Eat with rice

Enjoy and devour the flesh

You can eat, fried or roasted.

Oh how I love my chicken.


A True Best Friend by Michael Okoineme – 8C

When we’re together

It seems forever

When I need him the mostBS-best-friends

It’s like he’s the post.

When somethings eye-catching

He’s watching

When I’m crying

He’s dying

When we’re happy

It feels like a nappy.

So comfortable

As if we were on heaven

If only I still had him.

Then I would win!