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Visit to Wood Green Animal Shelter

Visit to Wood Green Animal Shelter

Posted on: 05/12/2015

VTAICT – year 9, 10, 11 vertical group


Wood Green Animal shelter in Cambridgeshire – as GCSE ICT coursework is 60% where students are given a budget of £500,000 to plan, build and operate an animal shelter for any type of animals they wish. The trip gave students a positive experience of how an animal shelter operates, raises funds and receives donations. The animal shelter staff gave details of food animals need, care and helped students to try dog training.

We raised £341.50

Students secured knowledge and understanding of the business side of the animal shelter and how funds are raised and used. They also learned facts such as carrots and lettuce are the worst foods rabbits can eat and colourful animal food is not ideal to feed animals as they are able to select certain colours and leave important nutrients.

Wood Green Animal Shelter said "It's so fantastic all the great fundraising you've done. Well done!"