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BTEC Level 2 in Public Services

The public service sector is a huge area of employment and there are hundreds of different organisations which make up the public sector and thousands of job roles within these organisations.

Look around you and consider what our public services do for us.  Who do you go to if you are ill?  Who do you call in the event of an emergency?  Who organises your local sports facilities or pool.  Who runs your local library?  What would you do if you had your mobile phone or wallet stolen? Without the public services our lives would be very different.  Studying for the public services course will make you fully aware of the roles, responsibilities and day to day activities of the emergency and non-emergency services that are out there helping and supporting our lives on a daily basis.

As part of the course, students have received talks from the Fire Brigade, Police and Army and have been taken on visits to local fires stations & police stations to gain a deeper insight into the working of these public services.