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Meet the Team

At Whitefield Sixth Form, we provide a challenging and rewarding curriculum. Building on the skills gained at GCSE level, we offer a variety of both academic and vocational subjects, suiting all needs and ensuring every student leaves us fully prepared for further education, training or the world of work.

We inspire our students to develop a strong work ethic and a sense of independence in preparation for their future lives. With dedicated Sixth Form spaces within the school building, students have the resources and support they need to succeed. Our recent success is characterised by the fact that, in 2015 and in 2016, 100% of students who applied to University received an offer from their first choice institution.

We have a rigorous approach to monitoring students’ achievements.  We track every student in every subject to ensure that no one falls behind in their studies and we address any areas that need attention. Parents are also kept well informed of how to support their child’s progress.

Whilst studying in Whitefield Sixth Form, students also benefit from a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities, including the chance to take on leadership roles within the Sixth Form and whole school and to participate in a number of field trips both in the UK and abroad. Through work experience, students also gain valuable experience of the world of work.

Applications to the Sixth Form are welcome from both Whitefield students and applicants from other schools. Should you wish to find out more or to arrange a tour of the Sixth Form, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to you joining our successful Sixth Form.


Miss Louise Cavanagh  -  Assistant Headteacher/Director of Sixth Form

Tel. No. 0208 455 4114 extn. 291 

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Miss Yasmin Sheikh - Sixth Form Deputy, Year Team Leader for Year 13

I joined the ICT department at Whitefield School in 2013 following a profession as a university lecturer in computing. I have experienced the accomplishment of the best years of successful GCSE and A level grades in ICT at Whitefield school including 100% ICT GCSE A*-C in 2015. I am passionate about widening opportunities and networking for our students gaining essential skills to pursue aspirational careers. I have joined the sixth form team to inspire, motivate and encourage students towards Russell group universities, professional qualifications, ambitious careers and becoming positive role models in society. My role involves liaising with professional organisations to seek work experience opportunities and meeting the needs of our students to provide them with interviewing and employability training, increasing confidence when interacting with others and having the drive to excel. I have recently attended The House of Commons Celebration Event led by Access Aspirations and met with employers of leading industries including Banking, Healthcare, Broadcasting, Law, Politics as well as web based organisations such as Twitter and Facebook that host valuable insight and work experience opportunities within the leading businesses of today.

Mr Darren Harkin - Year Team Leader for Year 12

Having worked at Whitefield for 7 years as a Film Studies teacher and as the head of a department that focuses heavily on KS5, I have grown to understand a lot about how students in the Sixth fForm develop into young adults. My current role in the sixth form is to help transition students from KS4 to KS5, providing them with support and guidance in their next stage of education. In addition to this, I am responsible for monitoring the behaviour and attendance of the year group ensuring students remain on track to be successful in their examinations and progress to Year 13. 

Ms Josephine Boaten - Pastoral Support Officer for Sixth Form

I joined Whitefield school as a Pastoral Support Officer, with about 30 years of experience working with children from nursery all the way to University. I love my job because I get to support students, provide advice and respond to their individual queries. My role is to motivate, encourage, and support Sixth Formers as they work to complete their Secondary education at Whitefield School. In Sixth Form students are gearing up for the adult world and must step up to be independent. They are preparing to either attend university or move on to a career and I see my role as not only guiding them along the way but cheering and rooting for them to realize this dream! The Sixth Form Students engage in many local community initiatives, one of them being the annual Mapledown Christmas party. Many students in Sixth Form mentor some of our students and all are encouraged to be role models for the lower years which has been beneficial to all. It is a real pleasure to see these students LIVE LEARN ASPIRE and ACHIEVE! 

If you have any questions about the Sixth Form please email sixthformteam@whitefield.barnet.sch.uk