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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium is a government initiative which gives pupils additional funding if they arrive at the school in Year 7 below the expected level in English and/or Maths. In previous years this was when a student was below Level 4 and each student received £500 if they were below Level 4 in English, £500 if they were below Level 4 in Maths and £900 if they were below Level 4 in English and Maths.

For 2016/7 The funding is for pupils who arrive in Year 7 with a Scale Score of below 100 for combined English and Maths but is calculated by the funding received in 2015/16 times the percentage of increase of students on roll between 2015/16 and 2016/17 regardless of the actual number of students who have arrived in 2016/17 who are below a Scaled Score of 100.

Year Funding
2015/16 £22,000
2016/17 £23,000




Wave 2 literacy intervention

Paired reading programme with TA

Reading Comprehension Groups

Spell Zone

STAR Group (Fresh Start)

Wave 2 maths intervention

Times Tables Club

Wave 2 language intervention

Vocabulary and narrative group

Wave 3 literacy intervention

Life Boat Programme

Wave 3 mathematics intervention


1:1 and small group counselling

Via Psychotherapists

Focus group work to develop social, emotional and behavioural skills

Lunchtime club

Buddy Club

1:1 Keyworking to increase aspirations/engagement with learning

1:1 with Keyworker

In-class support for individuals


Out of school support

Homework/Computer club



Occupational Therapy