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Year 6 Summer Term


We hold a parent induction evening in June


These days will be held in June, July and September 2020.

Year 6 Summer Term

We offer a unique three day Primary Induction Programme in June/July, where students will meet other students in the year group and be introduced to key staff at Whitefield. The three days will involve team building activities, a tour of the building, taking part in lessons and special assemblies. Our school ambassadors, students from Year 7 to the Sixth Form, are a key element of the induction programme and will support all new students with advice, support and a friendly face!

Following the three day induction, all parents and their children are invited in for an individual meeting with a senior member of staff. This meeting allows for the school to find out additional information about students, such as particular skills and interests they might have. It is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions they might have about the school, curriculum or support that the school offers.IMG_0075

The information we get from the primary schools, students and parents is used to divide students into 6 forms balanced with respect to ability, gender and individual need. It is our experience that students settle quickly into their forms and add new friends to their circle. In any year there will be several students who are the only entrant from their particular primary school and parents can be reassured that our experience is that they too settle quickly.

For students with learning difficulties, we realise that transition to a larger school can be a worrying time. We try to minimise this by offering additional meetings with the Learning Support Team, which includes a tour of the school and a chance to see the support on offer. We can also offer a diagnostic assessment so that support can be put in place before students arrive in September.