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Year 7 Autumn Term

Year 7 Autumn Term

On their arrival in September pupils quickly come up to speed with Whitefield's procedures and everyday expectations. They are issued with school planners and lunch cards on their first day, when they have the opportunity to settle in before the rest of the school starts. The specialist Year 7 tutor team supports and guides students in their new school helping them to settle quickly. During the first term Year 7 students have an early food break everyday, which allows students to develop friendships and settle in more quickly. In late September a Welcome Evening is arranged for Year 7 parents to meet tutors and senior staff. Teacher with Yr 7

As with all students at Whitefield, Year 7 are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities such as sports activities, subject specific clubs, school productions and Whitefield Student Voice (School Council). We hold a Freshers’ Fair in September give all students information about the range of clubs and extra-curricular activities that are on offer at Whitefield. Students will also have an opportunity to visit France with the MFL department and take part in the annual Ski Trip. At Whitefield we believe this "taking part" enriches students’ daily life at school. In December all Year 7 students take part in a team building trip and visit a theatre to see a Christmas Pantomime. All Year 7 students will also be invited to a school residential in the Easter term.

Another strength of support at Whitefield is our tailored PSHCE and tutor time programme which helps students settle in to their new environment, and make new friends. Parents will have a number of opportunities to check on their child's progress – in additional to an annual Year 7 parents evening, there will be a report issued termly showing progress (data drops).

Starting at a new school often raises lots of questions for both students and their parents/carers. If you would like further information about our induction programme or have any general questions about Whitefield School, please do not hesitate to contact the school.