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Meet our Head Boy & Head Girl





It is a huge privilege to have been selected for the role of Head Boy. I have aspired to fulfil this role ever since I managed to become Deputy Head Boy at my previous school, and an even bigger privilege to be given an opportunity to make a difference as Head Boy at Whitefield School.
What first stood out to me within the school was the dedicated nature of both teachers and students, but essentially the unity I witnessed allowed me to feel welcomed and included. As a new member of this community, I strive to help build the successes of the school starting with the lower year groups, mentoring many younger students who are full of potential. In this community, staff and students are equal counterparts, working cohesively to maximise the education taught and learnt within the school. This enables a classroom to be a conducive learning environment favourable towards success.  I consider it both a privilege and honor to be a part of this exciting journey. Furthermore, Year 12 and 13 students have also been given a chance to take part in useful opportunities such as workshops, university trips and dedicated NSPP (next step preparation plans) lessons, in order for us to mould our future but also think ahead. It is my intention to disseminate these experiences and pass on knowledge to future generations. Moving forward, I would like to pursue a career in law at university, in which I hope to become a qualified defense barrister.
I’m not only an extension of the support system in my school, but most importantly the voice in order to eradicate, elucidate and emphasise the ‘live, learn, aspire and achieve’ ethos that we stand by.




I’m very excited to take on my new role as Head Girl as it's something I've been looking forward to achieving ever since I heard about it in Year 8.The role brings around many responsibilities I cannot wait to tackle and essentially become the voice for the student body at Whitefield School.
My main ideals stand with the Whitefield motto “live,learn, aspire and achieve” and it's my goal as Head Girl to make sure every student at Whitefield works by this ideal and that every parent and teacher works together to encourage their children and students. The overall goal for my time as Head Girl is to bring together the Whitefield community of students, teachers, parents and even governors to only better our fantastic school! I want to give back to the school what they’ve given me throughout the years and during A-levels which has ultimately inspired me to apply to top Russell group Universities and pursue my goals of studying Biochemistry and potentially going into drug development! 
Whitefield poses an extreme amount of opportunities for every student in the school to better themselves whether it's the annual Senior Citizens party or the massive variety of extracurriculars such as debate club or STEM club. With the help of our wonderful Sixth Form team, prefects and peers, we as head students strive to strengthen the sense of community between the lower and upper school students through these opportunities and clubs offered to us everyday!
When I look back at my time at Whitefield, I will remember all the fantastic opportunities they gave us, the hard work the teachers put in to help me reach my goals and the amount of dedication students had with their learning. I will be able to say that I was a part of making Whitefield the outstanding school it is becoming and that is an action I'll always be proud of!