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Meet our Head Students



Sophia Hakim Ghiasi


I am delighted to have been accepted as one of Whitefield’s new head students. It has been one of my final aims since arriving in year 10 as a new pupil. I believe I am prepared and made for the significant and demanding nature of this role. 
I am thrilled for the upcoming challenges the teachers and pupils will give me. I cannot possibly think of a more rewarding way to conclude my last few months at Whitefield. It is a privilege that I have been selected to aid staff and students in our school, acting as a peer mentor to all. My vision is to help develop well rounded and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve to their full potential. I am to radiate my joyful spirit in order to provide a safe and stimulating environment where pupils are happy, wanting to learn with excitement and passion. I am committed to provide support with the hard work teachers selflessly put in, helping build a stronger foundation for education. I envisage Whitefield to be a more determined community in the new academic year, acknowledging and accepting everyone’s differing needs, meeting them back with safety, respect and complete support.
My vision for whitefield plays on the schools values and objectives, keeping in mind our ‘live, learn, aspire and achieve’ motto. Students’ academic achievement and mental health is key to Whitefield, I am excited to play my part as their support aid, assisting and encouraging activities that supports the learning of others, giving our students the assistance they need to thrive. Whitefield poses many thrilling opportunities to enhance this such as introducing student mental health advisors, organizing talks with past successful pupils giving crucial advice, offering and guiding students through many different next steps choices such as university, apprenticeships and much more ! 
I look forward to fulfilling my role as Whitefield’s head girl 2021-2022, moving on to hopefully studying Psychology at a top university, ultimately supporting society in any of its various branches.


Patryk Siutkowski


It is an honour to have the opportunity to represent this School as Head Student. As someone who has stayed with this school since Year 7 I know the efforts to which Whitefield teachers and staff go to help their students to improve both their experience and grades during the most crucial time in their lives. They ensure that every student feels safe and accepted in a tolerant and reassuring environment that will allow them to achieve the grades they need to pursue their chosen career path. It is this environment and the teachers’ hard work that has shaped me to be able to face, with confidence and gratitude, the challenges of this new role and my final year in school. 
The opportunity to give back to the school for all the years of support that has been offered to me is a privilege. I strived to be Head Student so I can advocate for students, just as my interests were advocated for in the past. I look forward to helping younger years achieve their best possible grades by ensuring that the level of support given to me, is likewise being offered to them. Particularly information they need to succeed in their exams, especially during these difficult times, when schools had to adapt to a completely different model, in order to help to negate the negative effects suffered by students.
Furthermore, I am motivated by the chance to ensure that all students, regardless of their background, are enabled to achieve their absolute best both academically and as an individual. So that in the future they can gain both the grades and life skills that will enable them to pursue their goals.