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Meet our Head Students



Mario Hasani


I took great pleasure upon finding out I had achieved the role of Head Student, it has been one of the many goals of mine since arriving in Whitefield School in year 7. I believe I have the right qualities and skills for this role thanks to the multitude of positions I have held throughout my time here. As early as year 7, I was on the school council being a voice for my year group to voice our opinion to our headteacher. This only continued as I became House Captain in year 12, where I had the opportunity to perform assemblies to my house and manage the forms to ensure each student was participating in school aside from work itself such as competitions.


My aims when becoming head student were to help create a more effective method of communication but Mr Hunt has already improved upon that tremendously since he joined our community. Now I continue to be the voice for my fellow students helping create an environment that can help them work to their full potential without having to worry about many issues, as they know the Head Students are working on the solutions with the staff. Apart from only being a voice for the students I also plan to help students become the best version of themselves either by achieving their academic potential or by being part of different clubs or positions to develop other skills that just aren’t purely academic. Whitefield is a place of opportunity where every student has the ability to try something new whether it be webinars, clubs or trips where we can all experience something new. As long as students are willing to participate there is always something for them to try and this is our goal at Whitefield School as Head Students and Staff, to create students with great grades and great character.


I hope to take advantage of this opportunity and help develop my personal skills while helping give back to the school that has always given me so much support. This school has been a key factor in making me who I am today, whether it be in academics or my other skills. It has helped me develop the inner drive and discipline that is needed to continue on into university and the workplace and I hope to help other students develop these qualities. 


I am thankful for being one of the Head Students (2022-2023) at Whitefield and hope to continue fulfilling this role to the best of my ability, and continue using what I have developed here at a Russell Group University where I plan to study Computer Science.



Rosela Hida


I am honoured to have been picked as one of Whitefield School’s head students. It has been a goal of mine, ever since I joined Whitefield in year 7, to obtain such a post and through my commitment; determination, I believe that this role is more than suitable for a person like me - who continuously strives for excellence. 

A Head student has a vital role in the school community - which intends to ameliorate different aspects of the school through having meetings with students; the Head Teacher about discontents that may be apparent within our environment. I’m excited for the challenges that will be handed to me from both teachers and students - and am thrilled to find solutions to them all. I believe that I have the dedication, passion and effort to take on this role and most importantly improve the school through working with teachers and being the contact for students who are in need. Being a studious student as well as having been a house captain and a mentor, have assisted me in achieving substantial problem solving skills, communication skills and also teamwork skills which shall assist me to skilfully commit to this role. 

Students’ academic achievement and mental health is key to Whitefield; I am excited to play my part as their support aid. I will impose mentoring sessions, to ensure that students excel in every aspect of their school life, and that the motto of our school - concerning good grades and great character - is fulfilled.  

I look forward to fulfilling my role as one of Whitefield’s Head Students (2022-2023), moving on to hopefully studying Law at a Russell Group University, fundamentally supporting society in its various branches.