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Key Stage






Topics Year 7

  • Introducing yourself  and your family / Describing where you live / Talking about leisure activities / Talking about school.

Topics Year 8

  • Describing holidays / Talking about jobs and future plans / Discussing healthy lifestyle /

Grammar Year 7 and 8

Present, past, near future tense / opinions / reflexive verbs

Students are assessed on the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking every half term.



  • Self-introduction: family and friends
  • Hobbies: Leisure activities
  • Where I live: pollution/
  • Holidays: Food/weather/free time activities
  • Fashion: young people life style
  • Employment: Interview/work experience
  • Health: Keeping fit/diet/smoking/drugs
  • Environment : Pollution/poverty

2 speaking/ 2 writing  assessments, 30% each skill.

GCSE exam will assess writing and reading, 20% each skill.


  • Environment: pollution/energy/protecting the planet
  • Multicultural society: Immigration/integration/racism
  • Target language-speaking region/community
  • A period of 20th century history from target language-speaking country/community
  • The work of an author from a target language-speaking country/community


Speaking exam conducted by with teacher.

Listening, reading and writing in main exam.