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Key Stage








Students take part in a range of projects in which they create, perform and respond to drama. Topics include: Characterisation, Physical Theatre, Pantomime, Script Writing and Theatre Practitioners

Students are formatively assessed in every lesson with peer and teacher verbal feedback. They participate in summative assessment at the end of every half term in a final performance.






Students are assessed on three exciting units, each one giving students the chance to express their talents.

Unit 1 is a devised group performance based on a stimulus and theatre style chosen by the students.

Unit 2 is a scripted group performance, performed live to an audience.

Unit 3 is an exam in which students take on the role of director and explain their staging ideas of a script we have explored during lessons.

WJEC exam board.

Unit 1: Internally assessed

Unit 2: externally assessed

Unit 3: Final exam, externally assessed.






Students form a theatre company and prepare 3 projects to be shared audiences.

Project 1 is an exploration of two contrasting theatre styles in which student perform two contrasting scripted plays.

Project 2 is a Marketing campaign designed to sell the school’s annual musical.

Project 3 is a Theatre in Education performance and workshop performed to primary school students.

Edexcel exam board.

100% coursework (log book and performance) moderated by the exam board.