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Most British schools begin Black history with the slave trade and end with the civil rights movement in the USA. This is a shame as it excludes the wealth of fascinating historical content from the pre-slavery era.

The homework project’s aim was to dispel certain myths that people even today, hold as true regarding African history over the last thousand years. Students have been working independently creating museum-style displays that showcase different aspects of African Medieval History.

A special mention to 8C’s Pedro, Abubaker, Mujstaba, Natalia and Adrianna for their outstanding work!










For an end of year project the year 8s got to produce their own ‘Horrible Histories’ style video show casing their knowledge of the topics studied during Key Stage Three. Students had the opportunity to, plan, script, shoot and edit their own work.


The whole of year 7 went to MountFitchet, a recreated Motte and Bailey castle and village, where they got to experience what it would have been like to live in the 11th Century.