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Upcoming Events

Walking Campaign 3rd- 6th May 2016

YTAs will be promoting walking and encouraging students to walk at least 1 bus stop distance in the morning. Everyone ‘caught walking’ will be given a token to exchange it for a fruit at school or a fruit itself, also if they give their name and form they will automatically be added to a prize draw to win a bike.

Walking Challenge Monday 9th May 2016

Each form (in Year 7 and  Year 8) are given a pedometer, ready to start challenge on Monday 9th May. Students in each form decide who is walking the most and give pedometer to the chosen student. At the end of the week the form tutor needs to email YTA Coordinator (emi@whitefield.barnet.sch.uk) with the number of steps walked throughout that time. The challenge would finish on the Friday 10th June and results will be announced during the Health Week (13th-17th June). We are looking forward to reward the form and three students that have walked the most steps! GET WALKING! EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!