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At Whitefield we believe that every student has the right to outstanding SMSC and fundamental British values provision. We strongly believe that students should be given opportunities across the school to develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding. The promotion of fundamental British values is at the heart of the work the school does.

At Whitefield SMSC and British Values is promoted through the following pathways;


  • The Curriculum

  • PSHE

  • Form and registration time

  • Assemblies

  • Displays

  • Trips and enrichment activities

  • Special events and drop down days

Examples of the special events and drop down days we have run in order to promote SMSC and Fundamental British Values are listed below;

  • Regular yoga and meditation for year 11 students

  • A programme of equine therapy for students in year 7 and 8

  • Exam Magic programme

  • Mixed it up day  

  • Anti-Bullying week special cyber bullying assembly

  • Men and Women’s Day

  • Black History Month activities

  • Straight Talking event- tackling teenage pregnancy event

  • Shisha Awareness Campaign

  • Year 7 Crime Day

  • Diversity awareness month

  • Family festival music dance food

  • International day

  • Inter-faith conference

  • Primary liaison work

  • The ‘Stand Up To Racism Day’ activities.  


Summer Term 2017





w/b 17th April 2017


Welcome back/ new term

Recognise  right and wrong, understand consequences, engage with British values

w/b 24th April 2017

School Community/ Diversity

SMSC, British Values, St George's Day April 23rd

Appreciate cultural influences, respect diversity, engage with British values

w/b 1st May 2017

Growth Mindset

Teaching and Learning

Enjoying learning about oneself, others and the surrounding word (Spiritual)

w/b 8th May 2017

Mental Health Awareness

Student Wellbeing

 Use of social skills, reflection

w/b 15th May 2017

Walk to School Week - Environment

Student Wellbeing

Use a range of social skills – participate, volunteer and cooperate, understand consequences

w/b 22nd May 2017


SMSC, Behaviour

Respect faiths, appreciate cultural influences, engage with British values of liberty, respect and tolerance

w/b 29th May 2017

Moral Compass

SMSC, Behaviour

Recognise right and wrong, offer reasoned views, moral/ethical issues

w/b 5th June 2017

Leadership (role models)

SMSC, Behaviour

Explore beliefs and experience, moral development

w/b 12th June 2017

Healthy Eating Week

Health Awareness

Enjoy learning about oneself

w/b 19th June 2017

Refugee Week

Human Rights

Appreciate cultural influences, accept/respect/celebrate diversity

w/b 26th June 2017




w/b 3rd July 2017




w/b 10th July 2017

Reflections/ Review of the Year What we can learn from the past

SMSC, Reflection on the Year

 Enjoy learning about oneself, engage socially  

w/b 17th July 2017

Rewards Week

SMSC, British Values, Rewards

 In line with British Values celebrate achievements collectively