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Cycling - Case Study

Live, Learn, Aspire, Achieve

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As part of our school’s vision, we aim to provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum. This will ensure they 

leave Whitefield with excellent qualifications and also develop understanding of the world around them. This includes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of learning, and promoting their emotional and physical wellbeing. We believe in shaping healthy habits and building  resilience in our young people.

One of the opportunities available to all Year 7 students from September 2016 was cycling training.


Our school is situated near North Circular and over 70% of our students travel regularly by bus with majority of them taking at least two or more buses to get to school. By changing their travel habits and choosing active travel students get daily exercise, establish healthy habits, are empowered to be responsible for being on time and build their resilience by overcoming their barriers. It also develops the independence that young people need to thrive local, national and global community.


Up to 25% of our students cannot cycle, have never ridden a bike or have had rather traumatic memories from learning how to cycle. On average 3 in 10 reported having a bike at home but only 4 in 100 cycle in their free time. 

Our approach

Throughout the year we have noticed that students were very excited about the cycling training that took place for small groups of students, actively joining all the break activities with smoothie bikes and regularly use our bikes in the fitness suite. This indicated that cycling itself was not a barrier to many of them.


From September 2016  onwards we decided to offer cycling training to every student in Year 7. By the end of the year we expect at least 25% of them will succeed in reaching level 2, and another 25% will learn how to ride and control a bike. 50% will complete Level 1 and begin their journey towards Level 2. We also offer additional cycling training (free of charge) during half terms, so if anyone would like to improve their skills, they are welcome to join additional sessions throughout the year.

What comes next?

From the spring term we will begin sessions aimed at different groups of students: Learn 2 Ride (to improve coordination and control of the bike skills) at lunch breaks, Girls Ride2 (promoting cycling among the girls with a chance of winning a bike), Cycle 2 School (with a chance of winning a day long trip to Vello Park and taking part in fun cycling activities) and cycling trips. 

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