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Examinations Results Summer 2021

As you are aware, there have been no formal exams this year. As your school, we have been required to submit Teacher Assessed Grades (“TAGs”) based on the content you have been taught for each of the subjects you have studied. Below you can find the school policy and procedure documents that outline how your grades have been formulated. You will also find guidance on the appeals process.
If you have any concerns about your grades, please contact your Year Team Leader or a member of SLT in the first instance.



A Level's:

Whitefield School Press release on A Level and Level 3 Vocational results

GCSE and Level 2 Vocational:

Whitefield School Press Release on 2021 GCSE and Level 2 Vocational results


Please click here to view Whitefield School outcomes on the DFE School
Comparison website.