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Staff Wellbeing

Good staff wellbeing is essential for cultivating a mentally healthy school, for retaining and motivating staff and for promoting pupil wellbeing and attainment.

What Whitefield School currently does to support staff wellbeing


  • Non-contact periods
  • Sending flowers home for special events, as well as long term sickness 
  • Flexible working requests considered and potentially granted
  • Fitness suite which staff have access to before and after school
  • Cycle scheme for staff and students
  • On-going wellbeing events throughout the year, to highlight and keep wellbeing at the forefront of all that we do
  • Good pay policy, expected progression up the scales if performance is good
  • Generous absence policy - staff can get paid time off (eg. children’s first day at school, paid medical appointments etc.) 
  • Senior Leadership are very visible and all staff 'own' their corridors
  • Senior Leadership run lunch duty so behaviour doesn't escalate 
  • Targeted support plans for teachers who are struggling with their workload
  • No expectations of answering email outside of school hours
  • Surveys are given to staff to voice opinions and recommendations for better practise 
  • Open door policy from SLT and HR 
  • Seasonal events for everyone to show their less serious sides eg World Book Day, Christmas jumpers, themed non-uniform days etc
  • Minimal data entries - never enter anything that is not going to be used
  • CPD tailored specifically to staff needs, based off their feedback. CPD is delivered as twilights with days off in lieu
  • We are constantly streamlining all systems and processes so they take less time
  • We regularly survey staff to get their honest opinions about how to improve.
  • Parking for staff on site
  • Staff have access to Qwell 
  • Offer Occupational Health 
  • Return-to-work meetings with the  HR department
  • Staff  social events e.g summer BBQ
  • Staff induction day for new starters - new staff are linked with a ‘buddy’ 
  • Celebrating different diversities 
  • Risk Assessments 
  • Space available for prayer
  • Sports activities
  • Birthday cards
  • Staff ‘shout-out’ board and staff of the month trophies
  • Guardian Angel scheme
  • Staff wellbeing gems at work scheme
  • Staff quizzes
In the Staff vs Year 11 Netball Match on 10th February the Staff won 9-6
Wing Attack (WA) - Evanthia Anastasiou 
Wing Defence (WD) Nishi Shah
Goal Attack (GA) Katie Bailey
Goal Defence (GD) Jack Deary (captain)
Centre (C) Cleo de Jong
Goal Shooter (GS Anthony Croucher
Goal Keeper (GK) - James Clarke 
Umpire Desrae Le Roux